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Does quality really matter when selecting interior latex paint? You bet it does, say experts at the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute. And the benefits are apparent from the time you pick up your brush or roller.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that a quality latex paint will not spatter much, saving you a lot of time on cleanup or touch-up later on. High quality interior paints also go on smoothly and evenly, so that brush and roller marks "flow out" and become virtually unnoticeable.

Something else is apparent as you apply a quality latex paint— what the experts call "sag resistance." Sagging occurs when a paint droops between the time it’s applied and the time that it dries, leaving an uneven coating with a thick lower edge that can make the job look sloppy. Quality paints contain special ingredients that minimize this sagging tendency.

High quality interior latexpaints tend to hide well, so you can frequently get away with just one coat, instead of two or more, as are often needed when working with lower quality paints. As a result, even though better quality latex paints cost more per gallon, you might actually spend less on the job— and save time and labor— by applying a costlier, higher quality coating.

As time passes, you’ll appreciate the fact that quality latex paints— especially those with higher sheen or gloss—are better at resisting dirt and stains. And they tend to better maintain their color, even after repeated washing or scrubbing.

How do you determine which interior latex paints are top quality products? If you aren’t a paint chemist, just look for the best grade of paint in the manufacturer’s line of interior latex coatings. This will normally be the most expensive paint in the line...and generally will provide the best long-term value, compared with economy grades, according to experts at the Paint Quality Institute.

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Benjamin Moore Regal Matte Finish utilizes the ceramic stain release technology described below

Hirshfield's Platinum Ceramic™

Interior Premium 100% Acrylic Waterborne Latex Enamel with Ceramic Stain-Release Technology and Microban®

Hirshfield’s Platinum Ceramic™ with Ceramic Stain-Release Technology helps walls and trim maintain that just painted look in homes, schools, health care facilities, offices and more.

• Dirt and stains wash off easily
• Matte finish has the durability of a quality eggshell finish
• Harder, more durable finishes in eggshell and satin
• Superior burnish-resistance
• Retains its appearance longer that other paints
• Easier application
• Excellent hide & coverage
• Surprisingly low odor

The paint industry buzzword: CERAMIC

Ceramic technology – the incorporation of ceramic microspheres into a waterborne paint formula – has been available to the paint industry for the past few years. It is only recently, however, that the microscopic ceramic beads have become more affordable for use in architectural coatings.

What are ceramic microspheres?
Hirshfield’s PLATINUM CERAMIC™ paints contain ceramic microspheres which are manufactured exclusively by 3M. Think of ceramic microspheres as tiny, microscopic ball bearings. They are perfectly round (spherical) in shape and so fine that the raw materials look like a fine white powder.

In paint formulas, these ceramic beads are used in conjunction with a high quality 100% acrylic resin to create a hard, smooth surface that is extremely resistant to stains, burnishing and abrasion. Ceramic microspheres take the place of conventional extender pigments (such as clay, silica sand, etc.). Conventional extender pigment particles are irregular in size and shape and have jagged peaks and sharp edges which can wear down or . The irregular shapes trap dirt and make washing and stain removal more difficult. Ceramic microspheres pack together much more efficiently, reducing permeability and improving stain resistance. Plus, because of their smooth shape, the paint applies with improved brushing and rolling qualities.

Platinum Ceramic™
Matte Finish

Gloss: 3.0 @ 60º
Sheen: 3.5 @ 85º
Solids: 54% by weight
100% Acrylic Waterborne

Platinum Ceramic™
Eggshell Finish

Gloss: 6.0 @ 60º
Sheen: 10.0 @ 85º
Solids: 48.7% by weight
100% Acrylic Waterborne

Platinum Ceramic
Satin Finish

Gloss: 22 @ 60º
Sheen: 52 @ 85º
Solids: 46.8% by weight
100% Acrylic Waterborne

How does PLATINUM CERAMIC™ Stain-Release
Technology Work?

Acrylic resin forms a slightly irregular film when combined with the irregularly shaped extender pigments used in conventional latex paints. The jagged peaks trap more dirt which makes washing and stain removal difficult. The paint film also can become marred or burnished.

Ceramic microspheres take the place of the conventional extender pigments. These microspheric ceramic beads help the 100% acrylic resin create a hard, smooth surface that is extremely resistant to stains, burnishing and abrasion.

Plus, Hirshfield’s PLATINUM CERAMIC™ contains Microban® Antimicrobial Protection

Not only does Hirshfield’s Platinum Ceramic™ have the power of increased stain-resistance and improved cleansibility, it will stay cleaner between washings because of Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection.

Microban® fights the growth of stains and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew that form on painted surfaces. Microban antimicrobial protection is built-in during the process of manufacturing PLATINUM CERAMIC™ and is non-water soluble so it won't wash off. It provides around the clock protection from the growth of microbes on the dried paint film. With Microban®, PLATINUM CERAMIC™ stays looking beautiful and fresh, longer than ordinary paints.

The built-in protection of Microban® makes PLATINUM CERAMIC™ the ideal coating for bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and eating areas, nurseries, schools, restaurants, medical and healthcare facilities and more.

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