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Deck Care Tips from Hirshfield's

Following are items you may need:

• Deck scrub brush (with threads- to use with extension poles)
• Extention Poles (4-6 ft for scrubbing with brush and staining with pad and 3 piece pole set for staining with brush)
• Staining Brushes (5.5", 4.75" or 4" for decking and 3" for spindles and detail work)
• Staining Pads
• Staining Pad Refills
• Safety Goggles
• Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting (use to cover ground and sidewall)
• Drop cloth for work area (5'x5' canvas or 4 mil plastic drop)
• Latex Gloves
• Staining /Stripping Gloves
• Bag of Rags (to clean up and wipe spills)
• Hand Cleaner
• Mineral Spirits for Clean-up (if using oil-based product)
• Paint can opener
• Plastic "easy pour" spout for paint cans
• Stir Sticks
• Sand Paper (60-120 grit sheets for splintered or rough wood)
• Plastic Pail (Small or 5 gallon size for product or water)

• 5 gallon grid (if rolling from a 5 gallon pail)
• Roller Tray
• Roller Tray Liners
• Roller Frames
• 3/16" Nap Rollers

The above are general guidelines. Consult specific product instructions for proper application and safe handling.