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Storm Wood Care Systems

When should you use a clear finish versus a semi-transparent or a solid color? How long can you expect each to last? What are the differences in moisture and sun protection? Confused? You’re not alone. The world of exterior finishes has gotten very cloudy over the years. But things are about to become a whole lot clearer.

Using familiar weather color-coding and phrases, the Storm System is organized in five categories based on the level of opacity, degree of UV protection and typical longevity of each finish finish. It really couldn’t be any more clear.

Simply click a CATEGORY below that corresponds with your finishing requirements:

Category 1 finishes are the most transparent. They allow the most natural look of the wood to show through. Even with their transparency, they still provide a base level of CLEAR UV protection.

Natural Oil Finish 10040

This one-coat clear deck finish and waterproof sealer provides maximum protection to exterior wood decks and surfaces exposed to water, ultraviolet rays and general atmospheric contamination including acid rain. Storm System Natural Oil Finish resists cracking, peeling and blistering and can be used on new or previously stained wood.

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Category 2 features toners and semi-transparent finishes . They provide a hint of color while still permitting the texture and wood grain to show through. With more pigment comes LIGHT UV protection.

Toned Oil Finish 200XX

Available in four ready-mixed colors designed to accentuate wood’s natural beauty, Storm System Toned Oil Finishes combine penetrating exotic oils and transoxide pigments for unequaled product performance. Storm System’s unique formula provides a translucent coating that protects against the weather, UV rays and mildew. It greatly enhances the coloration of hardwoods such as ipe, redwood, ironwood and mahogany. Toned Oil Finish also makes a great finish on cedar, pine, and fir when a more natural appearance is desired.

Semi-Transparent Penetrating Oil Finish 20095

This Penetrating Oil Finish can be tinted to achieve a wide variety of naturally beautiful hues. Blended with a precise amount of pigment, this impressive stain achieves a slight coloration of the wood and superior adhesion due to its penetrating properties.

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Category 3 is the semi-solid finish category. These finishes provide color that is a bit more opaque, yet still allows the natural character of the wood to show through. A MODERATE level of UV protection comes from additional pigmentation.

Alkyd Linseed Oil Finish 34095

An extremely hard-working Alkyd Linseed Oil Finish, this impressive finish combines a beautiful stained look with long-lasting durability. Reinforced for maximum durability, Alkyd Linseed Oil Finish is perfect for decks, railings, furniture and many other exterior surfaces that will be exposed to increased traffic and wear.

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Solid color finishes make up Category 4. They provide a completely opaque, paint-like appearance. With their complete opacity comes the maximum level of HEAVY UV protection. For best results, start with one of our best-in-class primers in Category 5.

Acrylic Stain with Enduradeck® Technology

Our Solid Color Acrylic Stain is fortified with exclusive Enduradeck Technology, which makes surfaces appear to have a flat color when viewed directly and a soft luster when viewed at an angle. Available in a wide range of custom colors, this superior stain is manufactured with quality ingredients and state-of-the-art technology to provide a long-lasting, freshly finished look.

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Category 5 features the primers of the Storm System. These amazing products are invaluable when either the surface that is to be refinished is in extremely weathered, distressed condition, or if the surface is going to be exposed to extreme weather or high traffic and wear. Using one of these unsurpassed, best-in-class primers will make the long-lasting finishes of the Storm System last even longer. After applying a Category 5 primer, choose a finish from Category 3 or Category 4 for a look and longevity that is second to none.

Acrylic Latex Primer 543XX

This exterior base coat is designed to help eliminate the natural tannin, sugar staining and discoloration produced by many types of bare woods. Storm System Acrylic Latex Primer has a unique moisture- transmitting formulation that provides excellent adhesion to properly prepared wood surfaces and is highly resistant to peeling.

Quick-Dry Oil Primer 523XX

This special wood primer is designed to be used under white and light solid colored stains to inhibit extractive bleeding and provide a long-lasting finish. This neutralizes and helps eliminate the natural tannin or sugar staining and discoloration produced by bare woods such as red cedar, redwood, fir, pine, or white cedar, and seals the wood for uniformity of the finish. This primer has excellent adhesion to wood surfaces and is highly resistant to peeling. The unique breathable formulation also helps to diminish the surface rusting of uncoated nails.

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