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TWP Total Wood Preservative

Why just stain. . .
when you can preserve?

TWP® 100 Series

TWP® 100 series is a unique combination of chemicals in a professional strength, easy to apply formula that protects and preserves all exterior woods in 5 ways:
• Water Repellent Prevents Water Absorption
• Stops U.V. Damage
• Helps Prevent Wood Rot
• Resistant to Mold and Mildew
• Easy to Apply and Maintain

Key Features
• Excellent longevity on both vertical and horizontal surfaces
• Will not peel. TWP® is a penetrating stain, not a film former
• Professional choice for all exterior wood surfaces
• Semi-transparent stain preserves natural wood color
• Repels water
• Aids in color retention
• Dry time is 4-24 hours depending on weather conditions

Dark Oak
Cape Cod Gray
Prairie Gray

Why Choose TWP®

• Easy to apply and maintain
• 3 to 5 years average life protection on vertical surfaces
• Minimum 1 year protection on decks
• EPA Registered Preservative
• Excellent reviews by several independent testing facilities
• Product of choice by professional contractor

Why Treat Exterior Wood?

• Preserves and protects wood from warping, cracking and splitting
• Prevents water absorption and wood rot
• Stops UV damage and maintains color
• Eliminates mold and mildew that causes wood to turn gray
• Retains natural wood beauty

Application and Helpful Hints

TWP® Stain Application

• Mix/shake product thoroughly
• Wood should be clean, dry, free of any previous coating and applied above 50 degrees F
• Prepare and cover all surrounding areas to prevent all overspray
• Apply flood coat using TWP® Deck Sprayer, brush or roller
• If needed, apply second coat wet on wet
• DO NOT allow TWP® to puddle
• Excessive stain that does not penetrate, may cause failure

TWP® Helpful Hints 

• Overnight dry time depending upon temperature and humidity
• Do NOT thin TWP®
• Mineral Spirits clean up     
• Do not apply below 50 degrees F. 
• Coverage rate is 200-400 sq. ft. per gallon
• Always cover and protect surrounding areas that are not being coated with TWP®
• Keep TWP® off glass, vegetation, concrete and any other surface

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can TWP® be painted over?
TWP® 100 Series: YES, but it must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 30 days. TWP® contains a water repellent so an oil based caulking, or oil based primer or paint must be used. IF an oil based primer is used first, a water based paint can be used as a top coat.

2. Can TWP® be tinted?
NO, do not tint the ready mixed colors of TWP®. Variations of color may be achieved by intermixing the colors (except the grays, which can only be intermixed with each other or the clear). TWP® 100 or 500 may be used to lighten any of the standard colors (101, 102, 103, 105, 106, 115, 116, 120, 501, 502, 503, 511, 515, or 516). Do not dilute more than 50% with the 100 or 500, as the clears do not contain UV absorbers, so they lessen color stability, 25% is preferable. TWP® 98 and TWP® 99 are designed for tinting. These are the only TWP® products that will except colorant.

3. Will TWP® stain the caulking/chinking?
YES. If you want the chinking to remain its original color, apply TWP® 100 Series, then chink. Be sure to test the chinking and TWP® for compatibility. If using TWP® 500C Series, you must chink first.

4. Will TWP® protect my deck from scratch marks?
NO, TWP® is a penetrating wood protectant, not a varnish. TWP® does not form a film, therefore it cannot protect wood from scratches.

5. How can I tell if my previously treated wood will accept a coat of TWP®?
After cleaning/power washing, if water beads up on your wood, there is still enough of the old wood treatment remaining to adversely affect penetration of TWP®. A good rule of thumb, if your wood absorbs water, it will absorb TWP®. It is always wise to do a test area when in doubt. Under normal conditions, 6 months of weathering will remove mill glaze and TWP® will penetrate properly. Gemini's Wood Prep will also promote penetration of TWP® into the wood.

6. How long can I store the TWP® I have left over?
TWP® has a shelf life up to 18 months. The original container must be tightly resealed and stored in an area where temperatures do not drop below 50 degrees F.

7. Can I add a pesticide to TWP® to help protect my log home from insects?
NO, If your logs were not treated by the log home supplier, contact your supplier for their recommendations on how and what treatment to use, before you apply TWP®.