Level Digital Wallcoverings and Window Film

Industry leading designer Diana Robinson brings you trend-forward, customizable designs, printed on a wide range of elegant and sophisticated substrate materials.

Ideal for applications in healthcare, hospitality, education, corporate interiors, government and more.

The Level collection of digitally produced wallcoverings offers near-limitless, creative possibilities for today's designer.

  • Custom Made Easy

  • Choose Your Design and Color

  • Determine Your Size

  • Select a Material from Wide Range of Printable Substrates

A Step-By-Step Guide to Specifying Level Digital Wallcoverings

Step 1: Select a Design & Color

The designs in the Level program are available in a range of standard colorations and many feature several layout variations. Each of these designs can be specified as is, or may be customized to better suit your needs.

If you choose any of the standard layouts and colorations offered, go directly to Step 3. For any custom options, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Choose Custom Options

Every design in the Level program was created with flexibility in mind, and the possibilities for their customization are near limitless. In an effort to make your project as simple as possible, choose from these options:

Layout Customization

Simple: Many designs lend themselves to very simple modifications including flipping or rotating the design, creating a mirror image, or isolating specific elements. The intricacy of each design will determine if these adaptations are applicable, and our staff is available to assist in selecting these options.

Complex: Specific modifications can be applied to the design by changing the technique of the artwork, adding new elements, or using a design as a launching point for a completely new piece of art.

Color Customization

Simple: Designs with flat or solid colors can be simply customized. Rearranging the position of the colors within one of these designs, or even changing the colors to ones selected from our Color Target Sheets are examples of very simple color customization. The intricacy of each design will determine the application of these options, and our staff is more than happy to assist you.

Complex: Artists have created many of our designs with complex texturing and layering. We can modify the colors in these designs to blend to your specific palette and we have a variety of tools at our disposal to facilitate this process.

Step 3: Determine Size & Scale

All Level designs, customized or not, are sized to customer specifications. In many cases you will simply need to know the overall height and length/width of your space, and your selected design will be sized accordingly. If you have a complex installation that requires multiple sizes or custom fitting to intricate spaces, please have as much information as possible ready when you call for your quote.

Step 4: Select a Substrate

Hundreds of standard and specialty materials available for printing. Some of these include:

• Recycled Type II Vinyl
• Smooth & Textured Type II Vinyl
• Window Films

• Commercial Pressure Sensitive Films
• Eco-Friendly Commercial Paper
• Wood Veneers
• Acoustic Sound Control Fabric
• Grasscloths
• Rigid Materials

Standard Substrates

These are the most often specified and popular materials. They have been thoroughly tested and are recommended for all Level designs. We keep in inventory each material in this group, which allows us to be very responsive to tight deadlines, and this group includes:

Recycled-Content Type 2 Commercial Vinyl, Optically Clear Window Film, and Solara PVC-free Heavyweight Premium Commercial Wallpaper.

Specialty Substrates

We can digitally print on hundreds of different types of materials, including specialty films, rigid materials, wood veneers, grasscloths, fabrics and beaded or heavily embossed wallcoverings. We generally do not keep these materials on hand, but most can be readily obtained and tested for suitability for your installation requirements.

Our experienced, knowledgable staff can quickly provide you basic information about the durability and color characteristics of most specialty materials, and it is important to remember that printing on specialty materials nearly always involves a longer lead time and more upfront expense than our standard materials. However, there is no better way to create a stunning and utterly unique wallcovering than printing on these materials, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Step 5: Request a Quote

Once you’ve compiled all the information needed, simply provide the necessary information to your sales representative!

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