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Flooring that stops "them" in their tracks.

You've guessed, no doubt, that "them" are infectious bacteria and pathogens that are the plague of specifiers and facility managers working in the health care and related industries. And yes, Silver Knight™ with TECHSurface Flooring does just that.

Grabo Flooring, from Hirshfield's Design Resource, through its patented technology called TECHSurface, has engineered Silver Knight, a commercial flooring specifically to answer the healthcare industry's most pressing issue: INFECTION CONTROL.

Silver Knight is much more than a floor covering product. It is an effective asset in the fight against hospital-acquired and community-acquired infections.

Silver Knight safely eliminates harmful bacteria without the use of chemicals.

Silver Knight™ is the most hygienic resilient vinyl sheet flooring available and provides a disinfecting surface with a double defense line against harmful bacteria utilizing NanoSilver and Nano Titanium Dioxide (TIO2).

Silver Knight’s double defense against bacteria

1. NanoSilver Eliminates Harmful Bacteria: Protects Against HAIs and CAIs Naturally Without the Use of Harmful Chemicals

2. Nano Titanium Dioxide Naturally Oxidizes Organic and Inorganic Substances: Provides a "self-cleaning" surface for improved indoor air quality

Silver Knight™ Flooring eliminates more than 99% of viable MRSA, VRE, ESBL and E-coli bacteria and more than 77% of C-Diff.

Read the full statistical analysis and report on Silver Knight™ here.

C-Diff Clostridium Difficle report on Silver Knight™ available at this link.

How SilverKnight™ works

The first line of defense: Nano Silver

Bacteria Is Destroyed Without the Use of Chemicals.

The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known for more than 3,000 years. The antibacterial effect of silver results from the ongoing slow diffusion of silver ions. Bacteria have no chance of survival as the ions quickly hinder the process of cell division, destabilize the cell membrane, walls or plasma and finally interrupt the enzyme’s transport of nutrients.

The second line of defense: Titanium Dioxide

Photosynthesis Decomposes Germs

Titanium dioxide is a photocatalyst and behaves similar to chlorophyll in photosynthesis. It helps to transform harmful substances into harmless compounds through a natural chemical oxidation process. Only light, oxygen and air humidity are required to activate this reaction.

How do the bacteria fighting properites of Silver Knight™ with TECH Surface Compare to Other Flooring Products?

Silver Knight vs. other floor coverings

The graph below illustrates the percentage of growth/reduction of viable staphylococcus aureus bacteria counts after 8 hours (480 minutes) on alternate surfaces.As illustrated above, typical floorings treated with antimicrobial additives can be effective in inhibiting the growth of some certain bacteria and pathogens with which they come in contact. They do not, however, "reach out" and actively eliminate them like Silver Knight™ Flooring.

Silver Knight is a self-cleaning floor with air-purifying function.

Titanium Dioxide decomposes the organic dirt so less cleaning is needed.

Self-cleaning surfaces based on photocatalytic reactions are a new phenomenon which is beyond the “easy-cleaning” properties. Nanoscale TiO2 gives hydrophillic properties to Silver Knight Flooring. Dirt adheres less which means it is also easier to remove. During washing, water runs off in a film rather than droplets, taking with it all the dirt.

Ti02 decomposes odors and harmful materials which improves indoor air quality.

Through photocatalysis odors can be decomposed into their harmless constituent parts. The continuous oxidation of harmful materials and odors contributes to the general well-being of the surrounding environment.

Additional benefits of Silver Knight.

• Superior 15-Year Warranty
• Environmentally Friendly: No VOCs – Solvent Free, Heavy Metal Free
• Contains Recycled Content and is Recyclable
• Self-Cleaning Properties for economical maintenance and extended cleaning cycles
• Lifetime Never-Wax Surface
• Superior Stain Resistance
• TECHSurface is 3-5 Times Stronger Than Regular Sheet Vinyl
• Improved Indoor Air Quality - TiO2 Decomposes Odors & Harmful Materials to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Silver Knight meets IAQ emission requirements CA Section 01350

“Self-cleaning“ properties for more economical maintenance

Self-cleaning surfaces based on photocatalytic reactions are a new phenomenon in the world which goes beyond the standard easy-cleaning properties. Nanoscale TiO2 gives hydrophillic properties to Silver Knight floorings. Due to its increased surface energy the dirt adheres less to the surface making it easier to remove. When washing the floor, water runs off in a film rather than droplets, taking with it any dirt. Additionally, through the photocatalytic reaction any organic dirt will be oxidized by the surface. This self-cleaning technology does not mean that the surface does not need to be cleaned at all. Instead, it means that the interval between cleaning cycles can be extended significantly, and fewer detergents are required, resulting in less environmental pollution. Reduced cleaning cycles lead to saving personnel costs and the fact that the dirt adheres less means easier cleaning. Grabo Silver Knight flooring with its’ photocatalytic self-cleaning feature is a low-maintenance and trouble-free flooring solution.

Air-purifying function for well-being

Silver Knight flooring helps to improve indoor air quality through oxidation of air pollutants and odors during the photocatalytic reaction. Silver Knight flooring can be used to counteract the sick building syndrome.

How and why Silver Knight flooring is an innovative facilities management solution in the "Product Performance Solution” category?

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are getting more and more in focus lately as the fight against them causes huge extra costs for healthcare facilities. In the US the incidence of HAIs is around 5% for all hospitalized patients. The most common and dangerous infections today are caused by Methillicin Resistant Staphilococcus Aureus (MRSA) which is known as one of the “superbugs” due to its ability to survive on surfaces in spore form.

The fight against superbugs is difficult and expensive. Silver Knight flooring with its innovative surface technology can help facilities to reduce risk of HAIs. Silver Knights’ photocatalytic surface containing Silver and Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles is in continuous battle under daylight conditions to oxidize all types of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and even normal dirt. Independent test results certify that Silver Knight floorings will eliminate more than 99% of various types of viable bacteria creating a safer and cleaner healthcare environment.

The photocatalytic reaction on the surface provides a “self-cleaning” floor, as it makes dirt more difficult to adhere to the surface and can be more easily removed than a standard flooring product. To summarize, Silver Knight Technology will:

• significantly extended cleaning cycles
• reduce personnel costs due to fewer cleaning cycles
• less detergents are required to maintain creating less grey water
• results in less environmental pollution
• less wear and tear on the flooring materials from cleaning
• extended life cycle of floor making it sustainable

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