Hirshfield's, Inc. Sustainability Statement

Hirshfield’s, Inc., a Minnesota-based, fourth-generation, family-owned company, is committed to providing sustainable and environmentally responsible choices in coatings, wall finishes and decorative products across all segments of our markets.  As a manufacturer of paints and coatings, distributor of commercial wallcoverings and wall finishes, supplier of furniture and textiles to the interior design trade and a multi-location retailer of wallcoverings, paints and window treatments to the consumer, Hirshfield’s strives to lessen our impact on the environment.

Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing pledges to deliver quality products that have been formulated with the selection of raw materials that are safe for the environment, safe for our customers and safe for our employees.  Being environmental stewards is important to Hirshfield’s operational objectives.  Our manufacturing facility operates on a closed-loop reprocessed water system, recycling of all filtered dust particles, recycling of packing materials, conversion from fossil fuels on plant conveyances.  Our low V.O.C. green coatings are accredited through membership in the United States Green Building Council.  Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing was a Minnesota pioneer in commercial paint recycling/reuse.

Helping our commercial wallcovering customers achieve their project’s environmental standards begins with offering product from manufacturers who share similar eco-objectives.  From GreenGuard certified low-VOC emitting wallcoverings, sustainable woods and bamboos, PVC-free and recycled vinyl wallcoverings to LEED-compliant multi-color coatings, Hirshfield’s provides the specifier and end-user a full complement of commercial wall finishes.  And helping our customers understand the complexities of compliance to the ever-changing standards is a natural extension of our service.

Today, going green is a choice we all can make.  Products are continually adapting to standards dictated by environmental and health concerns.  In time, going green may not be a choice, but a necessity.  Hirshfield’s Green Choice coatings products offer professionals and consumers the option of adhering to environmental standards and regulations without sacrificing performance characteristics often lacking in green products.  From industrial coatings and lacquers to unique wall finishes and high performance paints, you’ll find reliable green choices at Hirshfield’s.

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