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Keeping with the Trends

Our professionally trained and certified colourists constantly scour the globe sourcing the latest in styles and trends. As members of the world renowned Color Marketing Group, our colourists also combine first hand observation with top notch research giving you the inside track on colour trends before they hit the runway or decorating magazines.

This year's Colour Canvas 2010 Collection includes the following emerging trends: Building Beauty, Beige Boutique, Respect, Radical, Reactive. Under their inspiration, walls become a canvas of lively tones or serene shades. Presented in this handy pocket-size portfolio, each colour can be conveniently compared to your existing or potential choices. Enjoy the convenience, match your personality, mood or taste, and see your décor turn into a colourful canvas.


Building Beauty
Exterior trends include soft green cast grays and clay beiges which are the perfect body colours for today's home. Add modern accents for the shutters or window framing with majestic rusts and organic greens.
Exterior colours that wrap your home in comfort.

Beige Boutique
Shades of beige vary from tinted creams to dark chocolate. The neutral appearance of beige makes it the perfect colour for luxury. The versatility of beige colours is timeless, chic and functional.
Beige is the natural direction for colour.

A soft palette of watery blues and gentle green. Gentle, relaxing and soothing. Respect the colours that represent the beauty of our natural resources and gifts of nature.
Respect the colours of Nature.

Expect colour combinations to evolve into unusual pairings. Colour harmony rules may be ignored by this palette of radical colours. From soft yellows to shades of purple, these colours are perfect for those looking for something different.
Thinking outside the box!

This palette features calm, soothing colours and are freshened with new colour combinations and companions. Taupe neutrals look fresh with accent colours of coral, hot orange or deep blue.
Colours that reflect the events of today.

Get the inside scoop on color trends in the pocket-size Color Canvas 2010 Collection card, available at Hirshfield's. Read more about Color Canvas 2010 here.

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