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Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2012

Live Colorfully

Color awakens the senses and elevates your point of view. We've searched the world, exploring the latest trends, to bring you a collection of inspired palettes that offer a fresh perspective on your personal style. These four select color groups will bring life to any home and transform the ordinary into the sublime.

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Spiced Life
A palette of well-seasoned hues that offer a refined perspective.

Sense & Sensibility
Timeless colors that make an established home feel contemporary and a new one a little more worldly.

Earth & Sky
Nature's hues unite for a style-savvy palette that transcends organic roots.

Eclectic Elegance
This diverse palette offers a clean, tailored look that works well with any decor.


Much more versatile than you may think, blue is truly a classic color. It has universal appeal, never goes out of style, and is overwhelmingly chosen as a color favorite across North America. It evokes the sea and sky, physically calms us, and symbolizes trust and commitment.

Because of the influence that blue has in our world today, we have chosen wythe blue (HC-143) as Benjamin Moore's 2012 Color of the Year. It's a beautiful, calming hue that has an element of heritage and offers grounding rootedness, providing comfort and stability.