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Paints from Hirshfield's

The Beauty Of Paint

The real beauty of paint is that it's so easily changeable," said Mark Masica, store manager of Hirshfield's Decorating Center in Edina. "And yet there's so much power to it. Paint sets the tone for your entire room. "At the same time, paint is typically the least expensive change you can make to your room," Masica added. "I tell people that they will spend more on a decorative pillow than they will on a can of paint. Yet the color you put on your wall sets the feeling for the entire room."

In addition to its full service decorating centers throughout Minnesota, Hirshfield's is also the largest manufacturer of trade sales paint in the state. The company's Paint Manufacturing Division has produced literally millions of gallons of paints, stains and specialty finishes for residential, commercial and industrial markets in the Midwest.

Masica has been with Hirshfield's for 30 years and has evolved into one of the company's resident expert on colors and paints. Over the years, he has helped thousands of homeowners pick out paints. "For most people, choosing color is a very personal decision," said Masica. "And if more than one person is involved, it can be particularly challenging."

His advice? Identify the biggest or most prominent feature in a room and let that guide your decision. It could be a large sofa. It could be a piece of artwork. It could be a fireplace. It could even be the bedspread or curtains. Work your color scheme around that. Because painting is so flexible (and relatively inexpensive) make the paint "your last stop."

Masica also strongly recommends that you don't skimp on the paint. "There is nothing more expensive than cheap paint," he advised. "A good quality paint can save you so much."

Penny Wise but Pound Foolish
A better grade of interior latex paint may carry a slightly higher price tag, but its benefits include:
* Thicker coverage. Quality paint covers with less coats.
* Dirt and Stain Resistant. High quality paints will retain their good looks years longer than inferior products.
* Faster application time because quality paints go on smoothly and evenly.
* Professional-looking walls, because a quality latex paint covers evenly, doesn't sag and is less apt to show brush/roller lines.

"What's the logic in saving a few dollars on a can of paint that's not going to look as nice as a quality paint and could even cost you more in the long run?" Masica asked. "You're going to be living with those walls a long time. Believe me, you will be able to tell the difference."

courtesy Tam Westover, St. Paul Pioneer Press