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Matte Made in Heaven:
Benjamin Moore Regal

Matte finishes are a new style basic. Now you can splash that style all over your walls—and not worry about what else gets splashed. Because Benjamin Moore has come up with a designer’s dream: a soft, matte- finish paint that is as scrubbable as higher sheen products, such as an eggshell finish.

The new Regal® Matte Finish is an interior flat paint that is durable, washable and stain-resistant. That means everything from fingerprints to grease spatters can be scrubbed off without leaving a mark.

It’s the perfect solution for areas where you want the durability of a glossier paint, without the sheen. A few ideas on where to use it:

Family room. A heavy-use area in most homes, family rooms need to be stylish enough to be inviting, warm enough to feel cozy, and fuss-free enough to make frequent clean-ups a snap.

Stairway. Again, a heavy-traffic area with lots of opportunities for smudges and handprints—but also a more formal space often used to display art, photos, etc..

Kitchen. Most kitchens already boast a surfeit of shiny surfaces, from appliances to tile to countertops. A softer finish on the walls makes a nice contrast, particularly when it can stand up to spills and splatters.

Old or irregular walls. Since glossy finishes reflect light, any flaws, pits or pockmarks are highlighted by a semi-gloss paint. Matte or flat finishes hide those irregularities, without breaking out the sander or Spackle.

Children’s rooms. Crayon doodles, peanut butter prints, stickers, scuff marks—kid décor takes a licking. A soft-finish, scrubbable paint, available in any color under the rainbow, could be a parent’s secret weapon.

Bottom line? This is the product to choose when you want a soft, stylish, scrubbable finish, in a limitless range of colors. For most of us, that covers the whole house.

Regal Matte Finish

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