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Color Forecast Directions 2005

Reds are not going away -- they are not changing much, constantly being revived and reviewed in their many forms.

Reds are complemented by black and gray and white -- in that order. It is an 80's thing. There is very little happening in the Red/White combination. We are seeing a little bit of cobalt blue being incorporated with Red (a slightly patriotic hangover).

Oranges are much more livable than before. It isn't as much an orange story for home interiors as it is about RUST orange, a terra cotta orange with grass green accents. This becomes a very American statement.

Yellow is not in the forecast for 04 or 05. It is already a current popular color -- nothing new.

Greens are down, a few greens are there -- most of the news with green is that it has a military influence, especially for fashion. It has a very brown, earthy and neutral influence. For home fashion, emerald green and very light milky green (think jasperware glass from the 30s) is emerging.

Teal is still on the blue side-thus a transition into emerald.

Blues are not as significant anymore ... with the decline of orange and the lack of yellow, blue has fewer and fewer partners. If blue still exists out there now, they are very
complex, mixed with other hues such as gray and red. Periwinkle is still very much the blue of choice for many products.

Neutral story: Brown is a big, big deal. Nothing that is brown can go wrong. It has become very dark, it has become very chalky ... leathery and dry looking.

Brown with off white and pure white is strong in the European markets.

Brown's influence on green is evident in the bronzes. No yellow browns are in the forecast. If they exist now, they do so as warm camel brown.

Pink still has a story for 2004 and 2005. Cosmetic pinks, skin tone pinks prevail. They are on the warm, human side. Li Eidelkoort will swoon,

Pink is influenced by brown -- there is a melding of pink and brown to create an almost baked appearance like a suntan or a tawny peach. This clearly shows the significance of BROWN.

Nearly Neon is another story about what is happening with the 80s influence on color. There is a group of 3 greens out there that are very bright, very limey green. While they
may not be appropriate for use on interior walls, they do serve to update floral patterns in tiny dashes of color.

courtesy Erica Woeffel, Color Marketing Group