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Color Trends 2005
What The Best Dressed Walls Will Be Wearing

By Debbie Zimmer
The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

What do chocolate brown, bright blue, and melon all have in common? Each is a color that will be gaining in popularity during 2005. As part of our annual color forecast, the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute is excited to share paint palette trends that will enliven your living space, both inside and out.

Incorporating these exciting and unexpected hues will certainly keep your home and individual living spaces on the cutting edge of design and color options.

Caribbean Brights
Color rich with a tropical flair will increase in use. Perhaps because of costal second home popularity, vibrant and exciting colors such as ocean blue, mango, twilight purple and sunny yellow make for a fun and beach-like palette. Useful in bedrooms, sunrooms, kitchens and any area where warmth is required, this palette is sure to provide a bit of Caribbean punch!

Incorporate this palette into your backyard or garden setting. Wooden chairs, trellises and other garden focal points can benefit from this exciting splash of color.

The New Whites
As consumers look for soulful spots within their living space, soft whites will allow for restful and serene contemplation. Not stark but warmed, the new whites can provide the peaceful backdrop that allows for end of the day de-stressing. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and even quiet baths, this palette can refresh even the most tired space. Use white in a high sheen finish and add additional light reflectance and ambiance.

Deeptone Hues
This hearty palette began to develop a following in 2004 with interest in warming and inviting family spaces. Continuing in 2005, rich reds, chocolate and sable browns, deep greens and blues can be used either sparingly on one wall surface or in combination above or below a chair rail and to visually lower a high ceiling, often seen in new home construction. A dynamic palette, these colors create excitement and provide drama to powder rooms, family rooms and foyers. For a cabin-like atmosphere to a sophisticated living space, this group will make a statement.

Shine On
Brushed metallic surfaces are replacing those shiny brass finishes used in the past. Soft pewter, mellow copper and brushed nickel are the perfect complement to today’s kitchen appliances and bath accessories. Whether used to highlight a niche, alcove or single wall, today’s softer metallics will be a showcase selection.

courtesy The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

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