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Color Trends 2006
Style for your Walls!

By Debbie Zimmer
The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

Last year our color directions were met with such enthusiasm that we wanted to share with you an early update on where we believe color will head for 2006. Whether you plan to paint an entire house or renovate and update one room, these hues will add style and excitement to your living space.

Exotic Enhancements
Perhaps the most talked about trend for 2006 is the use of travel-inspired colors to decorate the home. Some consumers are starting to suffer from “bright-color fatigue,” and now favor richer, deeper hues that evoke thoughts of far-off destinations. This palette takes inspiration from the rich jewel-tones of Oriental rugs, or the vivid sights of a Moroccan market. Key colors include rich red-purples, deep browns and dark yellows, as well as ebony and ivory accents. This dramatic trend works especially well in family or dining rooms, and adds a feeling of warmth and excitement.

Skintone Neutrals
The exotic color trend finds its balance in another palette, Skintone Neutrals, which includes a wide spectrum of flesh-toned hues. These latest neutrals take their inspiration from the cosmetics counter in both color and purpose. Just as a powder or liquid cosmetic can be used to enhance the skin, or serve as a backdrop for brighter colors, so, too, do the new skintone paint colors.

Applied on their own, these hues appear particularly fresh when used in an open floor plan. But they also serve as an ideal backdrop for any room where a bolder accent wall is employed.

Mineral, Spirits!
For consumers who would like to add color to their home, but aren’t quite ready for the vivid hues of the Exotic Enhancements palette, then the Mineral, Spirits! hues may be the best choice. Drawing inspiration from lush forest landscapes, these earth tones have more “pop” and are a bit brighter than in previous years. Dusty shades of blue and lavender, as well as rosy browns, echo colors found in nature. Because of their softness, and their welcoming appearance, they are especially good choices for use in the kitchen and bath.

Soulful Serenity
While the spa-inspired trend of 2005 continues to be a hit with homeowners looking to create relaxing retreats in their own homes, the color schemes are now moving beyond the traditional blue and white. For those who would like to try something new for their bedroom or bathroom sanctuary, consider using true pastels, such as soft pink, pale yellow and misty lavender. These tints offer a fresh twist on the spa concept, while still encouraging a relaxing atmosphere. And since the Serenity color schemes are more diverse, they can even be expanded into family or sitting rooms.

courtesy The Paint Quality Institute