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Optimism for the Future and Respect for a Simpler Lifestyle Drive 2010 Color Trends in Color Guild’s Colour Canvas Collection, available exclusively at Hirshfield’s and Color Guild member locations.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – December 1, 2009 – Color Guild, the global paint authority, has announced the emerging trends in paint colors expected to influence both interior and exterior paint selections throughout the coming year.

Searching for a simpler lifestyle during these turbulent times is influencing the colors in today’s home. “We have all come through an unsettled twelve months and are searching for simplicity and optimism in our lives, as well as personal style” said Pat Verlodt, consultant to Color Guild and member of The Color Marketing Group.  “The colors in Hirshfield’s 2010 Colour Canvas palette are influenced by this need for a fresh start, along with the constant desire to update our home to reflect our ever-changing lifestyle.”

The new palette ranges from stylish neutrals to optimistic and fresh “statement” colors.  The vibrant colors of orange, green and purple are all still important, but have been muted slightly to add a sophisticated, yet inspiring punch to a room.  Adding your own personality to a room with colors that “break-the-rules” can be one way to decorate a room on a budget. “We are seeing emerging colors and color combinations that go against the norm, but are refreshing and can be incorporated with ones existing furniture, fabrics and accessories,” Verlodt adds.    “Some of these new colors will not be for the color shy, but are certainly worth the risk to create your own personal style.”

This year Color Guild has added a palette of colors to address exterior trends.  If you need to update your home, a new accent color on trim, shutters and doors will add curb appeal and value, especially if you are looking to sell your home.  We see earth-based colors in sage greens, earthy reds and plums, as well as beiges and taupe as popular choices for exteriors.

There are five main color trends that will be influencing homes in 2010:

Beige Boutique:  The neutral appearance of beige makes it the perfect color for luxury. Shades vary from soft taupe and grey to milk chocolate. Not only are they timeless, but functional and chic as well.  The Beige Boutique color palette includes:  Subdue, Puffan, Freeline, Understand, Sensibility, Entity and Silhouette.

Respect:  A soft palette of watery blues, light yellow-greens and earthy colors from nature that are gentle, relaxing and soothing and respect the colors that represent the beauty of our natural resources and gifts of nature.  The Respect color palette includes:  Considerate, Nourishing, Mirror, Diluted, Quality, Honour and Gentle Gemstone.

Radical:  Expect color combinations to evolve into unusual pairings.  Color harmony rules may be ignored by this palette of radical colors.  From soft yellows to shades of purple, these off-the-wall colors are perfect for those that are looking for something extremely different.  The Radical color palette includes:  Uneasy, Off the Wall, Extreme, Rule Breaker, Astounding, Over Stated and Ridicule.

Reactive:  This palette features fresh colors that lift and inspire.  These mood enhancing colors introduce new color combinations and companions   Taupe neutrals look fresh with accent colors of pink, hot orange or mauve.  The Reactive color palette includes:  Soothing, Fantasy, Predictable, Calming, Appreciation, Integrity, and Companion.

Building Beauty (Exterior Color Trends):  Exterior trends include soft green-cast grays and clay beiges which are the perfect body color of today’s home.  Secure your environment by using the safe earthy hues, and add interest with a spark of plum or terra cotta to the front door.  Add modern accents for the shutters or window frames with tobacco browns and organic greens.  The Building Beauty color palette includes: Façade, Dwelling, Bauble, Trinket, Charm, Spark and Feature. 

Copies of the 2010 Colour Canvas Collection are available at all Hirshfield’s locations.  Consumers can get the inside scoop on color trends in the pocket-size Color Canvas Collection card, color disks and paints at Color Guild member locations. Visit for a list of members.

Consumers can get the inside scoop on color trends in the pocket-size Color Canvas Collection card, color disks and paints at Color Guild member locations. Visit for a list of members.

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