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World's Best Graffiti Removal System
by John Rose, World's Best Founder and Developer

Dear Customers and Friends,

My name is John Rose. I have worked passionately in the graffiti removal industry for the past 30 years, as owner of a contract graffiti removal business and developer of The World’s Best Graffiti Removal Products and System.

THE WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI REMOVAL SYSTEM is guaranteed to be the QUICKEST and SAFEST graffiti removal system in the world. It is easily learned and employs only biodegradable products and environmentally sustainable techniques.

Much of our product development has taken place in the arid climate of Australia, where we have reluctantly become accustomed to severe water restrictions. This is why our products require little or no rinsing with water, and are now accepted for use by Heritage and World Wilderness areas.

Now manufactured in Los Angeles, California, by Urban Restoration Group US Inc., we have spent the past several years demonstrating to US Cities from the East to West Coast. I am proud to report that we have now been adopted by hundreds of Cities, as well as the most successful graffiti removal contracting teams on the planet.

We are passionate about providing you with TOTAL answers to graffiti removal cleaning problems. We’ve been doing it for many years with amazing success. How about joining us in making it GAME OVER for vandals? There’s strength in numbers. Together we can do it.


Remove graffiti from ALL building surfaces without damage to the substrate, the environment or the end user.

No ghastly shadows EVER, no choking fumes, no harsh scrubbing or blasting.

All biodegradable products require ¼ of the water than others for an even better result.

Easily learned and easily taught and consequently far quicker and more accurate than any other products available.

Products work first time every time saving you man hours.

Worker satisfaction is increased through results. Your workers enjoy getting on top of the problem so quickly and completely.

Unsurpassed product training as well as 24 hour back up and online support for ALL our customers.

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