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Hirshfield's Wallpaper

Wallpaper Supplies and Tools


1. Sizing. Sizing helps to keep seams from opening up or shrinking. Aids in the future removal of wallcovering. Provides slip to help position during installation. Inhibits mildew growth. Hirshfield's recommends Uniprep 100% Acrylic Universal Wallcovering Prepcoat over shiny surfaces and Wallprep Universal Primer over flat unsealed surfaces.

TIP Remember to book your paper for ten minutes. See Project Guide How to Prevent Shrinking Seams

2. Border Adhesive. This product ensures proper adhesion of borders when installed over a coordinating wallcovering. This is not for use over painted surfaces because of the strong adhesion. Hirshfield's recommends AllPro Border Adhesive.

3. Prepasted Activator. Applied like a wallcovering adhesive this product activates the dry adhesive on the back of prepasted wallcoverings. This is a good alternative to using water and a water tray. Provides extra tack to prevent seam separation.

We suggest Hirshfield's Prepasted Activator.

4. Adhesives. For most wallcoverings requiring adhesives including lightweight vinyls, strings and murals, we recommend Hirshfield's Clear. For heavyweight vinyls we recommend All Pro Extra Strength Vinyl Adhesive.

5. Wallpaper stripper. Aids in the removal of wallcoverings. Liquid wallpaper removers such as DIF are diluted with water and applied to the wallcoveringís surface with either a sponge or sprayer and allowed to soak. DIF Gel is applied undiluted directly to wall.

6. TSP. Use trisodium phosphate to wash walls prior to sizing. Be certain to rinse well with clean water.

7. Spackle. For minor wall repair.

8. Corner Guards. Provides inexpensive protection to outside corners.


1. Paint Roller for applying sizing. May also be used for applying wallcovering adhesive.

2. Razor Knife or Snap Knife for trimming at ceiling, baseboard, window and door frames.Replace blades frequently to ensure a sharp edge.

3. Seam Roller for pressing and setting seams. Please note: do not use on prepasted or expanded vinyl wallcovering.

4. Broad knife (at least 4 inches) to aid in trimming at baseboard and ceiling.

5. Bubble Stick for making a plumb line and for checking to see if walls are plumb. Can also be used for measuring in place of a yard stick.

6. Smoothing Brush or Vinyl Smoother for smoothing out wallcoverings and removing bubbles.

7. Sponge for rinsing down strips. Use a natural sponge or a good quality synthetic sponge.

8. Sandpaper for sanding patched areas, glossy painted surfaces, etc.

9. Drop Cloth for protecting floors, furniture, etc. Do not use newspaper because the ink could smear some carpets when paper becomes wet.

10. Water Tray for wetting the adhesive on prepasted wallcovering.

11. Pad Applicator for pasting unpasted wallcoverings. Or you may use a paint roller.

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