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What's New in Wallpaper

The new easy on/easy off wallpapers resolve so many issues: installation is simplified and it's amazingly removeable.

Hirshfield's was founded on wallpaper. Over the decades, the company diversified into paint, window fashions and numerous other interior decorating merchandise and services. But for many people throughout the Upper Midwest, the name "Hirshfield's" is synonymous with wallpaper.

Today, Hirshfield's remains in the forefront of a wallpaper revolution invigorating the industry. If you have overlooked wallpapers the last few years, you will be amazed at the new products entering the market.

Some of these new products include wallpapers with texture, wallpapers with faux finishes, metallic wallpapers that shimmer, wallpapers with sophisticated patterns, and wallpaper systems that coordinate patterns and fabrics.

Easy On/Easy Off Wallpapers!
But the biggest innovation, by far, is removable wallpaper. "This is a product that is long over due," said Mark Miller, Hirshfield's Product Manager for Wallpaper. Also called "substrates" (because of the material comprising the wallpaper), removable wallpaper is available from several manufacturers.

"The new easy on/easy off wallpapers resolves so many issues," said Miller. Not only is a removable wallpaper easy to remove, but it is also "breathable." Moisture is not trapped behind removable wallpaper, which reduces the moisture and mildew problems. Installation is also greatly simplified. If you hang a sheet slightly crooked, all you have to do is take it off and reposition it. How removable is removable wallpaper? Amazingly removable! Steaming and scraping are no longer necessary.

According to York Wallcoverings (the manufacturer of Easy2™ and SureStrip™ removable wallpapers), all you have to do is peel back a corner and pull. The company claims wallpaper from "an average 8-foot by 10-foot room can be removed in about 15 minutes!"

No tools or special solutions are needed.
The entire sheet can be removed with no damage to the wall. The company compares it to "peeling a banana." Something For Everyone In addition to removable wallpaper, the industry is also experiencing a resurgence in terms of novelty textures, wall-size murals, plus an amazing variety of sophisticated colors and patterns. This new generation of wallpaper is attracting a new generation of homeowners and designers.

"In the Midwest, we run about two years behind the East Coast in terms of interior design trends," explained Miller. "Wallpaper sales are definitely picking up on the East Coast, particularly the high end wallpapers with sophisticated designs. We are already seeing a significant increase in wallpaper sales through interior designers at Hirshfield’s designer showroom, Hirshfield’s Design Studio Some of the innovative wallpapers now on the market include:

* Faux Finishes: Do-it-yourselfers are familiar with the unique effects they can create when painting an interior wall by rag rolling, sponging and marbling. Wallpapers are now available that duplicate these textured effects. The benefit here is that, with wallpaper, you don't have to worry about inconsistencies or making a major mistake. Plus, a few years down the road when you redecorate, you can remove the wallpaper and start over. You aren't dealing with a textured wall surface that will be challenging to re-face.

* Metallic Sheens: These are wallpapers that have a subtle shimmer. By using iridescent inks that hint of metallics, these wallpapers can add elegance to a room or a festive party atmosphere.

* Borders: Less popular than they were a few years ago, Borders remain popular for a novelty look in a child's bedroom or a finished look in a kitchen.

* Textures: A wall with texture adds an extra element of dimension to a room. It adds a visual element that projects comfort. Wallpapers with texture can bring an otherwise bland room to life. Just a few of the textures on today's wallpapers include corks, burlap, grasscloths and raised inks. You can also find wallpapers with the look of natural stone or brick.

In terms of patterns, you can find wallpapers that are perfect for a backwoods cabin or a sophisticated urban loft. There are patriotic patterns, nostalgic designs, tapestries and fun retro styles. Your children will love the patterns depicting extreme sports or medieval fantasy. There is even a pattern that gives your children the opportunity to customize with actual pictures of friends and family members.

With wallpapers making a comeback, Hirshfield's is the place to find the newest, most innovative lines on the market. "Today's wallpapers are all over the board," said Miller. "There's literally something for everyone."

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